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  • Industrial Hemp

    5 members Latest Activity: Jun 10, 2013

    What is Industrial Hemp, and what can we do with Industrial Hemp.

  • Powur Advocates

    10 members Latest Activity: Sep 21, 2015

    Powur will launch their new mobile app October 17, 2015.

    Join this group to be notified when we launch. 

  • Organic Living

    13 members Latest Activity: Jun 28, 2013

    Organic Living

  • Spread Peace USA

    12 members Latest Activity: Jan 5, 2013

    A place to celebrate kindness.

  • Vegan Friends

    20 members Latest Activity: Apr 5, 2015

    A group for Vegans and people interested in the Vegan Lifestyle. We mostly share…

Become a Powur Advocate

Powur: Join the Clean Energy Revolution!

One of the most important things one can do for humanity is to make the change from dirty energy to clean, renewable energy.

Powur allows anyone to start their own personal, clean energy "Powur Gird" and invite others to join their grid and become an advocate for clean energy by simply downloading the Powur mobile app.

Bodhian.net is a community created by Independent Powur Advocates. We invite you to explore the forumsgroups and other resources. You''ll meet some great people and we hope something that will help you walk a little more softly on this small planet.


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