Can anyone tell me how to make text links? id appreciate it!! :D

hi! im Elissa and im brand new to forever green. im so excited! however i am a rookie and don't even know how to make text links, lol. if anyone has a minute to tell me how id reallllly appreciate it, thanku!!! ~Elissa

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call me I will walk you thruggh

bvqasicall y when posting just highlight the word or words you wantto be a text link
After you highlight it click that thing that looks like link or a piece of a chain in the box above your post

Will be here tonight
i did call u silly head!!
i clicked the chain thing and it didnt work
Hey it easy

its like this click here

first writhe word you wanna make text link then click the chain icon then write the URL that you want to link.

That it.
i tried, i guess when u hit the chain icon a box is suppossed to come up? it doesnt for me so im assuming my comp security settings are set to where it wont let me. i have a new laptop and dont know how to mess with the security settings. :(
Hi Elissa-I'm so rookie that I don't even know what in the heck that little chain is for! But I clicked on it and got this window to type in! : ) Are you looking for "the window"? LOL!! : )
Wait this is from Shelly-as Stamati is with Chris and Cody and it would be FAR to easy to just ask Chris! LOL!
haha yup im looking for the "window" lol it wont come up because my security settings on my laptop wont let it, thats what chris thinks it is and i dont know how to mess with the settings. ahh well ill figure it out some day lol have a great weekend girl!


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