I have recently been searching for my role in life outside of my family and was sort of led to Provibrant. I am highly educated with a critical mind and know that this is a MLM which is not viewed as being stable income usually. I would like to use any income I make to support my family and want to take any investment seriously. I have a ton of questions about the system and the product and was wondering if anyone was available to answer them. My main question is how does one sell the product and who is the audience. Most of google results talk about the MLM system and not much about the product or even outlets to sell the product.

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Hi Kristen:
First your audience is worldwide. I have people under me in Jamaica, Portugal, UK, USA & Austraila. You can check out my blogs to learn about Marine Phytoplankton & how my sister is doing on these products.
Provibrant is our marketing tool for ForeverGreen products such as FrequenSea & ElectriFire.
Click here to view the page for FrequenSea
Click here to view the page for info on ElectriFire!
To learn more about ForeverGreen you can go here. ForeverGreen
If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.
Or if you prefer to ask question over the phone you can call me:
610-739-1047 (cell)

Have a Great Day!
Paul :)
Hi Kristen, great to see you here I also work with Karen and Paul as part of the team, what are your many questions, maybe I have already asked them.
Have you read the book "!Your First Year in Network Marketing"? its an excellent jumping off point for this industry.
Let me know what you want to know
Have a great Day


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