I will admit I am having challenges keeping the time zone differences straight. How do you all keep it straight? I went to a site that converts time -- to make sure I partake in the next call. This is the site I found. I was looking for a good time zone map to pin up so I may see it all the time.


Thanks so much.


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Hey Marie-you're awesome!!!!! I have this same problem and surely WE can't be the ONLY ones!
: ) I'm always looking at my cell phone to see what part of the US is at what time... It's crazy! I have to laugh when we get a call at 6:00 am from one of our ForeverGreen team members. I know we're on the west coast (California) and we're earlier then everyone else...but that's about all I know! Thank you for adding this to the discussion and for sharing the site you found!
Much love,
Ooops! Just a little ... By the way! The calls are not only informative, but they are WAY motivational!!! I hope you are able to catch the future calls. : )


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