Hi everyone. My name is Dorine and I am at 63 years young totally new to the tech world with Forums, Blogs, YouTube. I am picking my way on the highway of computer technology. I learn something new everyday. I believe strongly in the Law of Attraction and know that I am here today, because here I am. I joined the Forever Green/Provibrant system because it blew me away when I read all the product information and just knew that this was not only a product that I personally take but that it also had to be shared with many more people who like myself may never discover it. I have listened to Chris Tinney and Jonathan Logan and have been involved in the calls. We are all fortunate to be involved with people like ourselves and able to draw from each others energy and enthusiasm. WOW. Have a wonderful day filled with Peace, Love, Joy and Abundance.
As I said I am new to this Forum etc. I am not sure how it all works and it took me time just to figure this portion out. I have to go to work now. Happy Wednesday to all. Dorine Tiller

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Help the Homeless


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