Applying the Law of Attraction to your Network Marketing or Home Based Business.

What comes to mind when I ask you if you would like to have a giant downline?

Let me propose that you don't just want a downline or group with thousands of people in it.

Think about it, would you want a group with thousands of people calling you and complaining every day? I hope your answer is no!

What you want is a group of people passionate about our company and our mission of changing people's lives. It only takes three or four people like this to get rich in Network Marketing.

When those people find three or four people they will not have to work ever again. You might say, "Chris, come on, retire on three to four people?" The answer is yes!

If you could spend 100% of your time focusing on the people that are actually following our action steps and none of your time focusing on the people that are not you will attract more people like the ones you are focusing on.

So ask yourself this, when you focus on the people not quite getting it or those that have given up on their dreams how do you feel? Not good if you're like me.

I care about people and I don't feel good when I'm speaking to someone that "doesn't get it".

Think about this when you're doing with your business. "Whatever you're giving your attention to is what you're attracting more of".

I sometimes talk to people that tell me they're not having success because "others are not doing their part?"

Many times it's because they find people that don't want to work because the very reason they joined their company was to "not work".

Can you agree that if you go out and gather people that don't want to work that you might just end up with a group of people that don't want to work?

From this place of not wanting to work so hard, you're attracting people that don't want to work so hard.

And here is the golden nugget of this whole article. Don't think of yourself as waking up every day and wanting to not work! The fact is if you didn't go to work tomorrow you'd fill your day with something else! You'd be golfing. You'd be shopping. You'd be getting together with friends.

So it's not that you don't want to do something; it's that you want more choice about what you do with your life.

Don't think about your Balance business as one that will provide you a life luxury even if you do nothing.

What you should be telling yourself is, "I'm creating a business where I get to choose every part of my involvement. And, as I choose to be involved more a nd more the money will flow to me more and more abundantly."

Can you feel the difference in that?

Many people have issues around money. Many think there's never something for nothing. So if you're talking about your Balance business as way for people do very little bit but eventually get a lot of money for having done very little there's a disconnect. It doesn't ring true and they won't believe it.

In other words, in some people, there's a part that says, "Even if it's possible, it's not right."

What they don't understand is what comes to you doesn't have to be justified, excused or explained.

Too many people work too hard to justify the money that comes to them. If people would just chill out, the money would come much more easily.

Some people are convinced there has to be strain and struggle
for there to be any payoff.

First you need to make sure you're a vibrational match to what you're wanting.

Give up this feeling that have to justify what comes to you, and say, "I get it because I'm in the flow."

And when you're showing the Bodhi presentation to others say, "We're a small group now but we are making a real difference in peoples lives. We're gettting together with friends, having fun and creating more of what we want together".

It's really that simple. Get clear about what you're wanting to create. All of us, including me, haven't created what we want yet so we're sharing what were going to create. The lives we're going to charge"

Talk about what is becoming, not what is. What happens to most people is they think they have to prove things to others by trying to prove it's already providing all the free time they want or all the money they want when in fact it is not.

And since it hasn't they're sending out missed signals.

In other words, some people pretend it's bigger than it is. They say things they don't really feel, so what they're saying doesn't ring true.

What you should be saying is, "This is going to work for all of us. It's small now, but imagine where it can lead! The business model is solid, the product is making a difference in people's lives and I feel more and more benefit from it the more I participate in it."

What would it be like if you had just a few epople actively involved just like you? Run the numbers on that and see what that would be. What k ind of numbers would that add up to and what kind of profit would you have this month?

And, more importantly, what would that profit do for you?
How would thatextra money make you feel?

Ask yourself, "If I had an extra ten thousand dollars this month, what would I do with it? Think about what you would pay off and what trips you might take. Would you lease a new car? The point is to get clear about what you're really doing here. You're creating THAT life for you and the people you love.

Get in the flow! Talk to others about what The Balance Company is going to mean in your liife. Tell them where you're going!

Blast open some doors! Help others blast open some doors and the abundance will come, sometimes through your business. Sometimes not.

Yes, it's true, you might talk to someone you think is totally dropped in, tuned in and turned on and then they go off and do something entirely different! Some of their heartfelt dreams might come true in much different ways than we ever imagined.

They might become abundant in ways other than your business and that's alright because that is what we're all about! What they do does not affect you. Only how you feel about what they do affects you, you see.

Don't promte our business by belittling other ways of making a living.

When we say, "That stupid job? You're working too hard? We're going to get rid of that job and we're going to get you out of there".

When you say those things you're creating negative energy and causing them to close their mind and their heart to being in the flow. You're closing their valve instead of opening it.

What we should be saying is, "Hey, we're doing alright! In fact, we're doing great! We've managed to attract a great business and supportive friends to us. We've opened new avenues to let abundance flow by coming together and without having to give up the other things we're doing. We can keep doing what we're doing, while we expand our business. And, in the future, we may choose not to do the job we're doing now. We'll have the option."

Go to what feels best. Keep your valve open. Above all else make sure you feel good!

If you can keep your valve open, while you're worrying about what somebody else is doing or not doing, you're a miracle. You can't do both.

If you you're staying positive while you're talking about getting rid of a job you hate you're an anomaly. Nobody can do that!

You may have heard it said, "It's not the words you speak. It's the music you're playing." When you're tuned in, tapped in, turned on, when you're feeling great, people gravitate to you.

That's why for many people find their business grows faster in the beginning before they know so much. It's not the words they're saying, it's the music poeple are hearing as they see them speak about something that makes them so happy.

When they twere new and thinking everyone they knew would join you and go nuts they felt great. Their valve was open. But they started noticing that not all of the people that joined actually did the things they said they would and they start concentrating on them and when they started focusing them and their negative vibration and their music stopped.

You see what I'm getting at? Lighten up and have fun!

As a Network Marketing professional you're making a real difference in the world! Know it! Feel it! Allow it to happen!


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