Hey everyone was on a great call today with Wendy, love talking about pure essential oils, I love working with them, for my dogs & horses, I have some good oil combination that I use on my guys for cures of hot spots that work great.
I take a small container put 2 table spoons of aloe gel  or if you have an aloe plant cut enough to make 2TS. Now add 2 drops of lavender, tea tree, & calandula oils, with a drop of pour E oil, mix well. Before applying wipe clean with witch hazel which will dry that  than gently rub in the area affected and more around the outer area so it won't spread any farther I used this on several of my dogs and healing was fast and they were happy, no shaving on the area and itch factor was soothed..

Go to

For the best oils !! that are safe and Organic...

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thank you Cynthia!


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