I am looking for concrete research that shows the usage of Frequensea and any other products Forever Green sell have reversed serious illness.

I have listened to many calls and heard testimonials. These would be of great assistance also.

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hi I saw this and was also interested as newbie w Me/CFS and to put it positively a breast lump I am lucky to have found a DR who mainly practises Alt health. I don't see any replies did u get anything helpful or can u direct me to testimonials
etc hope u r well love n light teri
Hi Teri

Thank you for contacting me. No I have no replies. People get scared when you ask direct questions and are afraid of saying something wrong or being sued. Understandable.

I have done much research. This is something you do when you are confronted with a situation. I received some information over the weekend via a seminar I was at and it blew me away. I am going thru the information and making a list of what I need to do.

I am so positive about this information. It was like I was guided to this place to get this info. Once I put it all together in a form I can understand, I will be more than happy to share with you. It is basically so simplistic that I know it will work.

If you find anything keep in touch and as I said I will let know within the week what I have and I know you will want to follow it and you will get results that will blow you away.

Take care be safe and always live with gratitude.
thanks as u say when u have a situation u research. I am unsure whether seminar is related to the products here and what is ok to pass on via here or friend links if we need contact outside site and how to achieve this so please advise if not ok [ it is not a replacement for nutrition which is at the underlying root of most conditions and what the products of this site offer ]
[ I have no links to what I'm sharing except my DR recommends and although there are documented trials
they may! legally! only be classed as anecdotal! so due diligence + w there being so much legislation I am sharing what I've found out, not advising, and finding a qualified health practitioner who would support the use of natural remedies in either complimentary or alternative treatment if that is what u choose for your body is always the best advice. I'm lucky to have found 1 trained in allopathic who is also trained in natrapathic who does it in spiritual service rather than as a career for profit i.e. she charges similar to what NHS DRs get paid an hr and less than a lot of natrapathic only practitioners
[ if uk members needing to find such contact me I'll be glad to point u in the direction of finding one ]
so in the spirit of helping each other the community and the world and our right to choose for our own bodies:--- there is a simple substance which costs about $40 dollars a yr. [so it's not profitable to drug companies etc nor patentable], more if one does it transdermally which is preferable, that has wide ranging health applications and v high success rates even w cancer it is being used to cure malaria in children 4 a few cents, it does not kill the cell but rather the pathogen within , so the cells can then heal themselves the author of a free e-book at least 1st 1/2 has no links to selling except
passing on a few good sources 4 and the charitable spread of news and helping children in africa
there's a lot of background waffle in 1st chapters so 1 might like to skim those I haven't gone to the site
recently so don't know whether transdermal is there yet one needs to avoid antioxidants during treatment days especially vit c also advised .
google MMS
also Jim Henderson's free-newsletter for alternative cancer treatments
also see CANCER TUTOR under heading 'inexpensive treatments?' although it wasn't listed at top of page scroll down to MMS w DMSO i.e. transdermal application avoids nausea associated w drinking showing it's working symptom
there is also the navaro? test mentioned there which measures the degree of illness and therefore health's progress following treatments
some other basic inexpensive treatments my DR recommends for everyone [muscle tests for others]
I have tried or still take the following
alkalization as cancer likes acid conditions use litmus paper to test saliva aiming at evergreen
eat alkalizing foods* adjusted according to blood type diet also highly recommended though be organic vegan whilst cancer active with plenty of raw + fresh prepared food to keep enzyme levels high as cooking destroys + draws them to digestion rather then other essential processes
avoid table salt some sea-salt ok but have good source of potassium also
sodium bi carb up-to tsp 3 x daily avoid w fruit or veg juice at same time as fizzes
can try external application but tricky as dries to powder
I've used 'nursing pads' on area
v fresh carrot juice via a special enzyme retaining juicer has cured some people on it's own
barley greens powder special enzymic type properties
beres drops a particular liquid mineral used successfully in high % of even hopeless! cases as w others
enhanced zeolite switches on a gene deals w unhealthy substances including mould toxins
lots of vit c + flax seed oil
now some things may well be covered by the products on this site and if u find a DR who says so ok
I don't think anyone would advise all eggs in one basket for serious conditions
almonds are the only nuts that keep fresh out of shells [ I don't know your countries ledg on apricot kernels]
fresh opened walnuts
berries and herbs
there is a long list of diet I may find a way to send as new to computing
there is a site for the blood type diet also a best selling book
well I hope thats useful
MY I-BOOK BATTERY IS ON IT'S LAST LEGS HINT HINT IF ANYONE OUT THERE HAS AN OLD ONE SPARE and see's this as I'm still not sure what shows up where on
this site I'm gonna try local ReCycle site
anyway it won't spell check now so that and ME/CFS foggy head my excuse
and I hope this will save ok
keeping on thinking positive and appreciative of the synchronisity the
universe blesses me with love n light teri
hi Dorine I hope you are ok as I have not heard from you recently. I am taking frequency now and increasing dose via pure plankton caps from same source due to expense, early days for results especially as I also have M.E.CFS.
I follow naturapathic DRs advice as CFS permits and am glad to add plankton as it also came to me serendiptiously and see, from your response to my friend Pete who's been
very helpful, that you have made very simular choices for same reasons same condition. Have you found a spiritual healer yet do you know about white eagle lodge if not they only ask you to not confuse energies by
being involved with another form at same time. I also do visualisations in alfa state some based on what the DRs found surrounding Tom's lumps to enhance planktons effects . If I can be of any assistance let me know wishing you health and wellbeing love teri xxx
Contact Paul; Fehr Jr on the Bodhian site he has an amazing story about his sister
Thanks Pete

I will contact the above mentioned.
HI Dorine
In the contract one has to adhere to as a distributor with Forever Green it clearly states one cannot say that any of its products heal any malady.

This is because of the sad state of society now where people just sue to see if they can get money.

However I have heard many testimonies to the change in peoples lives before and after taking Frequensea for example. from my own family members.
There is concrete proof of the effectiveness of Zeolite.
or rose
of ginger
of turmeric,
of Grape juice, seeds skins.
one just has to google these things
check out some of the university studies on the contents of the products themselves.
rosemary etc etc
I was sceptical and did two months research into Frequensea. I was very impressed and the change in my friend with cancer over a three week period was amazing.
However, in the end we have to come to a decision ourselves on the efficacy of any product.
the Suck it and see approach.
I have been sharing products with people now for over 18 months and no one has told me there has been no positive effect.
You can watch people fly, read as much about it all your life, but the only way to experience flying yourself is to step out in faith.

I wish you that faith but you have to take the step

Hi Peter
You are correct in that in the world today everyone is looking for a fast buck. Lawyers are making a fortune. However, I have made the decision to not accept the doctor advise and trust in the universe and I have taken full responsibility for the cancer and the lumps in my breast. I blame no one but myself and trust in myself and the universe.

I have been taking Frequensea 3 to 4 oz per day and also ZMP400. I have changed my eating habits and added some items that will assist my body in healing. I made the choice because I do not want to spend whatever time I have in doctor offices, hospitals and home and miss out on the joys of living.

My goal now is to find a healing person. There are some people out there that have a gift on laying on of hands and with the person believing it will work it does.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Bless you.
FrequenSea with Marine Phytoplankton has made a HUGE Difference for me indealing with CFS, Chronic Fatigue Sydrome...Watch Video !!!****** =)

Azul & ElectriFire are also helping me Live at a Higher Level of Health and Energy that is Very Valuable to me !!!****** =)

I am also a Raw Vegan and Enjoying the Pulse Bars and Pulse from our Smart Food at Forevergreen.
Forevergreen is an Awesome Lifestyle !!!****** =)


Blueberry Pulse is delicious! Pulse is made of 26 organic and/or clean whole-food ingredients. Made fresh and sold fresh daily. Great for heart health, antioxidant, colon cleansing, weight management, and most importantly as part of a general habit of health.

Pulse Bars

Blueberry Pulse Bars are delicious! Pulse is made of 26 organic and/or clean whole-food ingredients. Made fresh and sold fresh daily. Great for heart health, antioxidant, colon cleansing, weight management, and most importantly as part of a general habit of health. Includes 12 Blueberry Pulse Bars.

More Testimonials about Marine Phytoplankton

Blessings of Bliss My Divine Friend's !!!****** =)
There is a acall withTiffany Haarsma that you can get o each week. If you ask her she can give you a lot of research. You have to do three studies before making claims.

We're on third one for a few and some have been done.
Google the Mitochondria. This is what is supported by
Amazing stuff


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