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RAW VEGAN: Why Organic Food


RAW VEGAN: Why Organic Food

Is Eating Organic Food Important?


by Kevin Gianni

No matter where I go, or who I talk to, the most common questions about healthy foods that get are these...

Why should I eat organicfood vs conventional? Are organic foods really better than conventional foods? How do I know that I'm not being scammed?

You'd think that with the scientific evidence that pesticides are harmful and organichave more nutrients than conventional foods that people would start switching over.

But it's not the case. I read in a magazine recently that 98% of the population still doesn't eat organic(who knows if that number is right or not, but even if it's 70%, it's still a big deal!)

Many of you who read this blog, are in that other 2%, but we still want our friends, family members and fellow humans to be healthy and not suffer from unnecessary toxic load.

So I've created a demonstration, that hopefully we can share that may change our perspective on the importance of organic foods...


From "Virgina Cooporative Extension", on Applying Pesticides Safely.

When applying pesticides, wear the protective clothing and use the equipment the label requires. To prevent spills, always check application equipment for leaking hoses or connections and plugged, worn, or dripping nozzles before adding pesticide. Before applying, clear all people, pets, and livestock from the area.

Take care to avoid the potential for drift, or off-target movement in the air.

Vapor drift occurs when a pesticide evaporates from a sprayed surface. Drifting vapors can travel some distance and cause injury!

Spray the pesticide uniformly no more than 3 to 4 feet to your side. Direct the spray pattern so you do not walk through the spray.

When you finish, wash up: yourself, the clothes you wore, and the PPE you used.

Be careful that the cleaning water does not damage crops. Do not dump the rinse water in one place where it will be concentrated and may become a pollutant. NEVER RINSE PESTICIDES DOWN THE DRAIN!

If a pesticide gets on the skin, rinse as quickly as possible. Remove all contaminated clothing. If a pesticide is inhaled, get the victim to fresh air right away.

In case of poisoning, call a physician and your area poison control center. Have the container in hand to identify what the victim was exposed to or took.


With friend's and family, in answering "Why Organic", in fun I have ased them if they would want to stand in a field with there head faced syward with their mouth open while a plane flew over spraying the fiels. Laughing, none of them wanted to.

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