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How Can Green Organics Essential Oils Be Used

How Can Green Organics Essential Oils Be Used

"Essential oils have very small molecules.

In fact, there are approximately 40 million trillion molecules in one drop of essential oil (that's approximately 40,000 molecules for each cell in the average human body).

They are so small, that they enter your body through the skin and go EVERYWHERE in your body."

First thing you need to know about essential oils is the fact that there are pure therapeutic grade essential oils and there is trash. 

Most of what is on the market today, especially in the US, is trash. 

You may believe this statement is nothing more than a marketing ploy but before we move you need to know that most essential oils "smell good" but they ARE NOT therapeutic. 

Pure therapeutic grade, sourced for the exact combination of healing aromatic chemical compounds... can heal.

The only way to know if an essential oil is therapeutic and maintains the "integrity of the plants precious healing chemical compounds" is with a Gas Chromatography test, and the knowledge of someone like Alexandria Brighton, that can interpret all of the different healing aromatic chemical compounds.

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Apply the oil directly on the area of concern following the printed suggested use of a specific use. Usually one to six drops of oil. 

More oil is not necessarily better since a large amount of oil can trigger a detoxification of the surrounding tissue and blood. Such a quick detoxification can be somewhat uncomfortable. 

To achieve the desired results, one to three drops of oil is usually adequate. 


Never Mix Blends.

Green Organics International exclusive blends have been specially formulated by Alexandria Brighton. She understands the chemical constituents of each oil and which oils blend well. The chemical properties of the oils can be altered when mixed improperly, resulting in some undesirable reactions.

Layering individual oils with an AromaStix application is preferred over mixing your own blends.

Layering refers to the process of applying one oil, rubbing it in, and then applying another oil. Layering is not only useful for physical healing, but also for emotional healing.


The feet are particularly suited to using the broad range of effects of essential oils, as they have many acupressure / acupuncture points corresponding to different parts of the body. Apply the oil directly on the area of concern following the printed suggested use of a specific use. Usually one to six drops of oil.

Feet contain numerous nerve endings or reflex points. Massaging essential oils on the reflex points offers additional benefits. These reflex points guide the oil, along the nerve pathway, to specific locations within the body, for example the lungs, sinuses, heart, liver, kidneys, spine, etc.

Each morning after showering, apply your chosen oil(s) for the day to the soles of your feet; 1-2 drops or apply using Green Organics International AromaStix, both methods will work wonders. You'll be amazed at how effective this can be!


Points on the hands also correspond to those located on the feet. This can be helpful if the feet are too sensitive or painful to apply essential oils.


Auricular Therapy for Physical and Emotional Health

This method involves applying essential oils to the rim of the ears. Auricular or Ear Therapy is helpful for both physical and emotional issues. This method of application has been found helpful in dealing with spine issues, including spinal cord injury and neurological damage.


Combine 10-20 drops of an oil or oil blend with 1/2 to 1 cup of Dead Sea Salts. Dissolve them into warm bath water. The unique therapeutic properties of the oil with salts create a synergy which will supercharge an ordinary bath into a wonderful soothing and restorative experience.


Apply several drops of oil on desired location. Cover the area with a hot, damp towel, and place a second, dry towel over it to help retain the heat. You may even wish to cover or wrap the area with a sheet of plastic. If the "heat" or "tingle" of an oil becomes uncomfortable, apply massage oil on location to reduce the intensity.


High quality, nutrient-dense essential oils can be a big boost to your daily vitality. Keep it simple, use them wisely. Many essential oils can be ingested simply by putting 2-4 drops in a veggie cap, filling remaining space with massage oil. Take with meals, or in between meals. A drop of Lemon and Peppermint oil in the juice of 1 organic lemon is a GREAT daily liver cleanse.

The FDA has approved some essential oils for internal use and given them the designation of GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe for internal consumption). Oils without this designation should never be used internally.


Add essential oils to your food (usually after it's cooked), or as a great flavoring in dressings and sauces. Check with your healthcare professional before consuming essential oils internally.


Most essential oils create an environment that is unfriendly to germs and bacteria. A few drops of Lemon, Eucalyptus, or Protector may be added to the dishwasher or washing machine to clean and disinfect. Add 10-15 drops of essential oil combined with distilled water to a 1 oz. cobalt spray bottle and carry with you for disinfecting hands, shopping cart handles, airplane trays, etc. Make a spray for cleaning your kitchen and bath.


Any of the Alexandria Brighton Collection essential oils - with the exception of Oregano - can be diffused with a Cold-Air Diffuser, which emits a wonderful essential oil-infused humidifying mist. Lavender is ideal for baby's room to calm and soothe with a healing aroma. Lemon is great to use for a fresh, just-cleaned smell!


Apply "neat", which in the essential oil world, means directly to the skin on location. Dilute oils if necessary with massage oil. Essential oils quickly penetrate the skin, delivering benefits throughout the body within minutes. When trying new oils, always test a small area of skin before applying over larger areas.


Place 1-2 drops of essential oil into the palm of your hand, rub hands together to disperse. Then, cup your hands over your nose and mouth, inhale deeply. If you prefer, apply the oil to a cotton ball or tissue and deeply breathe in the aroma, with cupped hands over nose and mouth.


Add 20-30 drops of desired oil and 2 oz. of distilled or purified water, shake well, use desired amount in vaporizer or humidifier.


Mix 10-12 drops of your favorite essential oil(s) with 1 oz. of massage oil to create a wonderful massage oil.


Add 10-30 drops of the desired oil and 4 oz. distilled or purified water to a 4 oz. cobalt blue spray bottle. Always shake well before spraying to dispersed oils in the water.


Essential oils are a much healthier, and definitely superior, alternative to synthetic fragrances and deodorants. Apply or layer your favorite Green Organics International AromaStix to pulse points, to create your own unique personal fragrance.


Green Organics International personal care products are each infused with the healing benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils. Add an additional 10-15 drops or more of your favorite oil(s) to enhance your experience.

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