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Not All Oils Are Created Equal #2

Not All Oils Are Created Equal #2

"Essential oils have very small molecules.

In fact, there are approximately 40 million trillion molecules in one drop of essential oil (that's approximately 40,000 molecules for each cell in the average human body).

They are so small, that they enter your body through the skin and go EVERYWHERE in your body."

When Choosing Your Essential Oils - Quality, Intention and Energy Matter Most!

There are many different grades of essential oil quality without any real regulations.

In the last few years, awareness of the powerful therapeutic properties of essential oils have risen tremendously, both in the news and in the marketplace. Daily we hear about some of world's biggest retailers using lavender in their products! (Never mind the source of "their" lavender).

This acknowledgement in the marketplace has also generated products that we consider to be "commercial aromatherapy" or "recreational aromatherapy".

More often than not, the "essential oils" that are in so many products on the market are not derived from a plant, but from a test tube in a lab or if derived from a plant (originally), they're so diluted, extended or adulterated, the marketable end result is anything but a therapeutic essential oil.

With so many essential oil brands, companies and offerings - many of whom are claiming to be the BEST, how do you discern if any really are, and if so, which ones?

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Are the essential oils Organic or wild-harvested?

Organic and Wild-Harvested (which is even better) oils are far superior in therapeutic compounds than non-organic oils. They are believed to also be packed with higher healing energies, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other healing constituents - while non-organic oils are carrying either lesser qualities, or are completely missing these.


Wild-harvested plants are herbs are gathered from their natural environment. This is especially important when talking about essential oils. Remember the geographic enviroment is one of the most crucial factors when looking at the healing chemical compounds that are produced by a plant. Wild-harvested plants are also usually organic as well. The plants are sustainably gathered, and the plants are re-seeded or roots are left to re-stock native populations.


When you distill an essential oil from organic and wild-harvested plants you are garnering healing energies, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients and healing constituents that are 75 - 100 times more concentrated in the resulting essential oil.

Truly Organic and wild-crafted oils can cost more to acquire and can be more challenging to obtain than non-organic oils. Everyone at Green Organics can rest assured every oil is organic and/or wild-harvested because of Alexandria Brighton's seal of approval on every bottle and AromaStix.


Some oils that say they are organic and/or wild-harvested, for one reason or another, just don't measure up. Maybe the ratio of healing aromatic chemical constituents is "off" or some such thing, so please be aware that this is not the ONLY factor to look for when searching for high quality, therapeutic essential oils.

Gas Chromatograph of each batch and lot of essential oils is the only way to ensure you are receiving the best oils available, period.

Before using any essential oils ensure they are being tested with a Gas Chromatograph and have appropriate documentation of that GC?

Make sure they are being tested throughout the raw materials acquisition and blending process to insure that the quality of every single batch is consistent, that the active constituents are within the therapeutic range that is needed, and that the therapeutic quality of each batch is documented.

It's also important that this testing be done by an INDEPENDENT 3rd party laboratory.


You do NOT want a company that is claiming to test their own oils in house - because, honestly they can skew the results any way they want them to go.

If a company is claiming that they test their oils, you can go in to the corporate office with a bottle and ask them to see THAT specific batch and lot number's Gas Chromatograph.

If they won't let you see it, it's because they don't have it. If a company is really going to that kind of measure to ensure high quality they would be happy to prove it to you. There's no reason you can't see their test results!

All Green Organics International Essential Oils are gas chromatograph tested by an independent 3rd party lab.

Every single batch is tested 4 or more different times before sending them out the door.

We make positively sure the same amazing organic therapeutic grade oil that was ordered was in fact what ended up in the bottle for you.


Here are some things we look at when selecting the best and most pristine essential oils.


EXAMPLE: Nowhere is this more evident than in the production of "lavender". There are so many species of lavender that it has become one of the most prostituted terms in the essential oil word. Each species has its own unique properties and aroma, as well as therapeutic benefits.

Knowing whether you have lavendula vera, lavendula spica, lavendula hybrida, etc, can make ALL the difference in the end result.

Knowing that we have Alexandria Brighton at the helm of our Green Organics essential oil line gives you the unconditional assurance you need that when you order from the Alexandria Brighton Collection, you are ordering the best.

With Alexandria making selections and discerning that the best and highest quality oils are sourced - who knows and understands the nuances and difference in botanical species of ALL the plants in the essential oil world - this can make ALL the difference in your essential oil experience!


EXAMPLE: In many essential oil plants, it is of vital importance that the producing organ is identified and that the oil is sourced from the specific part of the plant that produces the most effective oil. For example, Cinnamon oil can be sourced from the leaves, bark or roots. Each has its own distinct properties. Knowing that the most common cinnamon oil on the market is generally the most inexpensive, and not the most effective for our therapeutic purposes can also make ALL the difference in your essential oil experience!


EXAMPLE: Designation of biochemical specificity is critical in knowing what unique characteristics are available for therapeutic uses and specific purposes. For example, there are several forms of essential oil of Thyme, each having its own therapeutic benefits and uses. Knowing the distinctions can keep you and your family safe, and benefiting from the wisdom of the ages. We not only provide the different biochemical specificity, but we also help you understand what it means to you, how and why you would use each one.


EXAMPLE: The method of extraction of essential oils is of vital importance in preserving the integrity of its therapeutic properties. Based on the type of plant material from which oils are being extracted, the oils can be steam distilled, cold pressed, or in some rare occasions, water distilled.

There are a number of ways that essential oils can be compromised in the extraction process.

Knowing the distinctions, as well as knowing how to sort through the documentation when sourcing essential oils, can again, make ALL the difference in your experience and benefits.

Knowing that we have Alexandria Brighton, our master blender and resident essential oil expert, who is taking care of the details for those of us for don't know what we don't know, sets the Alexandria Brighton Collection head and shoulders above any other company, and any other brand.

Most essential oils in the common market place don't even come remotely close to considering any or all of the elements we've listed above.

Alexandria Brighton is a stickler for quality, detail and specifics when it comes to sourcing the most pristine essential oils, and blending her synergistic, proprietary blends.


Green Organics International and Alexandria Brighton take extensive measures to assure that you are getting the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils available that we know of.

Your assurance is on each bottle. Each bottle is labeled with a batch and lot number. Your assurance of the extensive testing, documentation and quality you know you can trust.

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Why Green Organics

Alexandria Brighton

Why should you insist on using only Green Organics International Essential Oils? The answer is quite simple... Alexandria Brighton, our purveyor and formulator. 

Since entering the world of aromatherapy well over 20 years ago, Alexandria Brighton has emerged as one of the foremost authorities on this ancient healing art. [Read More]


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