Signature Collection

Green Organics Signature Collection

Exclusive Blends & AromaStix formulated by Alexandria Brighton


This is the signature blend of Green Organics as it represents the values that are important to the company and our distributors, to live in harmony and balance with the Earth and the other life we share this home with.  Being green and organic not only helps preserve our health but the health of the Earth as well. 

Terra, the Earth, is our mother energy our home, this blend helps us to reconnect with that nurturing, comforting and healing energy.  We feel this connection when we sit on beach and watch the sunset, walk in the woods, lie on the grass or dig in our gardens.  The rhythms of the Earth are the rhythms of our body and we need this connection to be and stay healthy. 

Scientists are now beginning to study our need for connecting to the Earth and their conclusion is that the biological clock of the body needs to be continually calibrated by the pulse of the Earth that governs the circadian rhythms of all life on the planet in order to be healthy.

How long has it been since you have really connected to Terra, felt yourself relax into the beauty of nature.  Use Terra blend and make the connection. 

Apply to your feet when you can’t walk barefoot on the earth and feel grounded and supported.  Apply a drop over the heart to feel held in the unconditional love and nurturing Terra radiates. 

Add 6 to 12 drops in a ½ cup of Dead Sea Salt and soak in a warm bath relaxing into the healing waters of Terra. 

Wear as a perfume or inhale the earthy fragrance while you feel embraced by Terra. 

Nothing removes stress from the body faster than connecting to the Earth

Terra, the Earth, make the connection. 

Contains:  Vetiver, Patchouli, Lavender fine, Neroli, Rose Geranium, Jojoba. 

Available in 5ml bottle and 10ml AromaStix


Dove Spirit 

Imbuing qualities of innocence, compassion, faith, peace and hope.

The Dove is a ground feeder and while it maintains a close connection to the Earth it is also considered a messenger of the Divine. 

Dove is a universal symbol of purity, and recognized as a messenger of hope.  During times of hardship or crisis Dove Spirit can soothe our troubled hearts and worried minds and reminds up of the blessings still to be found all around us. With Dove as your kindred Spirit, your life is bound to improve. 

Be open to miracles and new possibilities.  The Dove’s soft mournful cooing reminds us of our need to mourn and release pain, sorrow and disappointment from the past allowing us to awaken to the promise of new life and new dreams waiting to be fulfilled. 

When Noah sent out the third Dove and it returned with the olive branch, he knew that the storm was over.  Let Dove Spirit rekindle your hope and faith that the flood waters in your life will recede and you can enter into a time of peace and harmony. 

Apply to the wrists and inhale as needed. 

Can be applied over the heart to restore hope when we are feeling hopeless, as well as over the solar plexus of center of will and action. 

Applied to the back of the neck we access the Governing Meridian spreading peace and hope through all systems of the body. 

You can also apply to the soles of the feet and move forward in faith.

Contains:  Myrrh, Spikenard, Sandalwood, Rose damascena, Lavender,fine and fractionated coconut oil.


Myrrh – Inner stillness and peace; eases sorrow and grief; a bridge between “Heaven” and “Earth”.

Spikenard – Calming effect on the mind; soothes deep anxiety; can instill a deep sense of peace; brings faith and hope in times of struggle.

Sandalwood – Helps with obsessive worry; attachment to pre-determined outcomes; aids meditation and prayer.

Rose damascena – Calms and supports the heart; good for nervous anxiety, effective for insomnia and palpitations; compassion, heals emotional wounds.

Lavender,fine – A true aromatic “Rescue Remedy” working to calm strong emotions that tend to over-whelm the mind; known as a crisis soother and bringer of peace.

Available in 5ml bottle and 10ml AromaStix


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