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Green Living Tips: The Deadly Dozen Major Toxic Ingredients to Avoid

Green Organics

Green Living Tips: The Deadly Dozen Major Toxic Ingredients to Avoid

“We look good, we smell good, and we have just exposed ourselves to 200 different chemicals a day through cosmetics” - U.S. News & World Report

Every day we use products that we think are safe; but the truth is that products are not always safe and manufacturers don’t have to tell us so. Ever since 1938 when the FDA granted self-regulation to the cosmetics industry, such products can be marketed without government approval of ingredients, regardless of what tests show.

In a typical day, you may be exposed to over 200 different chemicals, many of which are suspected of causing cancer or disrupting your hormones. Yes, it is trace amounts but the accumulative effects could be devastating for babies and pregnant mothers as well as people suffering serious illnesses, cancer, disease and immune disorders.

As your body’s largest organ, your skin is your most important immune defense barrier. Skin absorption is the number one form of chemical absorption and contamination. Commercial products with harmful petroleum ingredients can “plasticize” your skin making it difficult for toxins to be eliminated.

Protect your family by reading your product labels and choosing products free of any toxic ingredients.

1. Propylene, Ethylene and Butylene Glycol Found in Anti-freeze Acts as a “surfactant” (wetting agent and solvent) Penetrates the skin and weakens protein and cellular structure Strong enough to remove barnacles from boats Found In: Baby wipes, diaper creams, baby lotion, facial cleansing cloths, facial cleansers, body washes, shampoos, toothpastes, etc.

2. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) Detergents that pose serious health threats Used in garage floor cleaners, and engine degreasers and in 90% of all personal care products that foam.

Found In: Baby body washes, baby shampoos, anti-bacterial hand washes, shaving cream, body lotions, shampoos, etc.

The solution, Green Organics!

Green Organics


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