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Yogi Zen Dude

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Yogi Zen Dude O M M M~P E A C E~L O V E

Welcome to my Bodhi Group Profile,

Wonderful being a part of the Bodhi Group community. 

Chris Tinney and his wife Tysha Tinney and I founded Om Peace Church, a path of kindness...For us it is Feeding the Homeless and the Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls I do. Just being examples of kindness, encouraging and creating an environment for empowering others in acts of kindness.

A bit about me:

Kriya Yogi, Raw Vegan, Sound Healing, one of the Founders and Ministers with Om Peace Church, Artist, Pen & Pencil Drawing (Fine Art Prints), Photographer, Blogger who Loves Meditation the Beach, my Longboard Skateboard and my 5.0 Mustang !!! =)

Come be my Friend on Facebook too, Yogi Zen Dude!

Here are two video's of me driving my 1989 5.0 Mustang through part of Tapanga Canyon, Part #1 & Part #2!!! =)

Now have Custom Hot Rods by Yogi Zen Dude. Started with my 1989 5.0 Mustang you can see here, and now my 1974 Chevy C10 Short Bed Step Side.

I also Love Blogging...
Yogi Zen Dude




P E A C  E...=)

Yogi Zen Dude 

YogiGear ~ YogiZenDude

Greg Lunger

P.S. Lets Connect on these too!!! =)








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About Me:
Kriya Yogi, Raw Vegan, Sound Healer, Fitness Enthusiast, Single Father, Blogger, Artist, Photographer who Loves the Beach and being out in Nature !!! =)
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Chris Tinney my Brother

Greg Lunger's Blog

You are what you Eat

Posted on October 10, 2013 at 12:00pm 0 Comments

You are what you Eat

You are what you eat! Here is a list of certain body parts and their lifespan. Your intestines are replaced every 2-4 days! Your tastebuds every 10 days so if you Go FRUIT Yourself for at least 10 days your new tastebuds will begin to crave more fruit.

Like I Share I Tag to spread the fruit seeds ♥i

P E A C E...=)…


Clean Colon How?

Posted on February 10, 2013 at 12:00pm 0 Comments

Clean Colon How?

How does one take care of there colon in a hands free natural way?

A polluted congested colon = polluted congested thoughts.

The idea is to eat foods that digest quickly and EASILY and at the same time provide maximum nutrition to the cells. The foods that travel through and…


Green Organics International

Posted on August 30, 2012 at 5:15pm 0 Comments

Green Organics

This has been an intention for Chris and I for more than two years now and I wanted to share. It's all coming together !

I've wanted a vegan, organic network marketing company that would support Om Peace Church and Spread Peace USA,( sound healing and feeding the homeless ), and provide leads and a web site without a charge to distributors. Chris consulted with two big companies. Although both donated food to his non profit,…


Spiritual Marketing

Posted on July 24, 2012 at 5:00pm 0 Comments

Spiritual Marketing, Network Marketing

Network Marketing at it's Core is Spiritual Marketing

To me Network Marketing gives us the cleanest plan for spiritual marketing on the planet !

People 100% commented to the Success of Others !

From meditation, a deep knowing of truth inherited by all and known in silence, studying the life and teachings of the great Masters that have walked this earth...true success is in…


Raw Food Weight Loss: I Eat up to 50 Bananas a Day

Posted on June 24, 2012 at 5:30pm 0 Comments

Raw Food Weight Loss:

I Eat up to 50 Bananas a Day

The Bannana Girl ~ Raw Food Fitness

Raw food vegan weight loss. The banana girl eats the most bananas out of any womyn on the planet!! 2.5 years into just eating raw fruits,greens,nuts and seeds!

Learn more...

My website and book…


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At 2:42pm on November 28, 2012, Judy Tucker said…

Thank you - I'm happy to be here!

At 1:17pm on November 28, 2012, jonathan glen geiger said…

thanks. peace, positivity, and prosperity.

At 1:02am on November 20, 2012, Jayne Mason said…

Thank you for your friendship Greg. Have a wonderful week, with Joy in love and light, Jayne.

At 10:42pm on October 31, 2012, Jana Szabo said…


At 6:11pm on July 29, 2012, Van said…

Thanks Bro!! May the power of our Oneness shine bright and benefit all!! Peace and Love!!

At 6:22pm on July 27, 2012, Jan Coghan said…

Thanks for the invite and the warm welcome. Happy to be here! I look forward to it all.

At 5:32pm on July 27, 2012, Deb Antista said…

Thanks Greg!

I honor that place in you also...ready to have too much fun!!!!!!!


At 9:03pm on July 16, 2012, Jana Szabo said…

and i honor the divine presence of the rose heart chakra which rests in the secret lotus petal chamber of beingness in you Greg!

You are Wonder Ful and Wonder Filled <3  As we dance and sing this journey together!

At 11:27am on February 29, 2012, Karina Angulo said…

Hi Greg, I'm the new-bee here and I'm in need of some assistance =]  Like, where do I go to purchase more product with my distributor pricing?  Geez, I just realized that I don't even know who I signed up under.  I'm hoping it's this team because I first came across it while trying to find a distributor by my home (Riverside, Ca).  I had originally found a gentleman by the name Marc Anger that lives in my neck of the woods but somehow I seem to have convoluted the different sites, names and (free or $49??) membership offers together.  I lost my 

At 11:00am on November 24, 2011, Jana Szabo said…

I am so grateful for our "budding loving friendship"  Aho!


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