"The Future Depends on What We Do in the Present" Ghandi

Did you ever feel like someone, something, is just holding you back? Keeping you in a place from where you are ready to move on? And you find you asking yourself "Self? What is that? Why is that?" Most of the time my Self answers "I don't know, you're the one not moving your feet! LET'S GO!" And you know what, she's right! She has moved on, she's the one who initiated the feeling of being ready to move on! She said to me first, "hey, we've done what we can or what we wanted to do here, let's see what else this wonderful thing called life has to do!" but sometimes venturing out into the unknown can be a bit scary or maybe we're just 'comfortable' where we are and don't want to rock the boat - as they say... hmmm

WHERE'S THE FUN IN THAT?!! Aren't the best stories always about things like that time funny ol Jack was up to his pranks again & started yelling for the fish to jump in his boat because he was tired of waiting & then he got that boat to rocking back & forth & back & forth until finally that little boat tipped over and in went Jack with a big splash & got everyone soaked & then we all laughed and laughed and laughed!!

Much more fun than watching ol Jack sit quietly and fish because it's safer that way, the sure way to catch a fish... ho hum..

The reason I bring this up - well, since you asked ;) - I had a similar experience recently - no, I didn't go fishing, but if anyone's got a boat, I've got a rod! - seriously though, I was 'comfortable' with my job but my Self said she was ready to move on, ready for more. She wanted to learn, and grow. She wanted fun, excitement, a challenge! When she learned about this place, she was so happy and took off running! Running so fast... until her body (yes that would be mine) stopped her like a little girl running through the mall & just got her ponytails caught in the revolving door! eeeerrrrrrrrrrrtt!! (that's my screeching sound ;) But that wasn't 'comfortable' apparently... I found reason after reason to slow my own progress and you know what? I regret every second of it. I didn't realize I was doing it, "but I had to work", "but I wasn't at home to get on the call", "but I'm in a really bad mood today & not feeling very "Bodhi"... Boy do I regret those! Because I always feel so energized after a call, so pumped after meeting someone & chatting Balance with them! I really love this place & all who I have met.

I guess what this blog is all about is simply to say please don't hesitate, listen to your inner guide, listen to your Self. Trust me, trust your Self. Don't waste precious time, get on that call, get out there & meet & do & talk & Be. Enjoy! Enjoy always!



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Comment by Chris Tinney on October 17, 2007 at 1:51pm
What a great share.
I am sooooo happy you are part of our community!

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