When trouble hits, challenges come, or I feel like hiding, I pull out my Gratitude Journal (an old moleskin, well worn and used) and begin to read my top 10 "grateful list". As I read each item I pause and reflect on why I am grateful for this item. I begin feeling my "Gratitude Energy" shifting my mood from sad to hopeful! I usually don't have to read very far down the list until I am feeling positive about my situation, my life, and even the circumstances I am in at the moment. It is then, when my heart becomes thankful that my mind begins to clear that I am able to see solutions and opportunities that I didn't see just a few moments before. Funny how that works. A clouded heart and mind just don't function as well as one that is sincerely grateful. I certainly believe that the cure for the doldrums is simply gratitude, a sincere outpouring of thanks for the good we find, no matter how small, in our every day life.

Love and abundance to you,


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