With just a few days left until Christmas, I noticed that the property underneath my tree is pretty sparse. As I began to feel badly for my Daughter and my Husband, I realized that there were many things to be grateful for in this house. Right now we are at 17 degrees, yet in my house it is toasty warm. We are comfortable and snug as the winds howl and the snow swirls around our little house. We have a marvelous pot of Beef and Vegetable Soup (yep homemade) happily simmering on the stove, with a wonderful loaf of bread (no, bought, sorry) waiting to be warmed for our dinner. We are dressed for the winter cold, with hats and mittens, gloves boots, and many layers of clothes under our coats.

Our house is graced with friends who come to call bringing good stories, lots of laughter, while making happy memories. My heart is warmed by their rosy red faces as they come noisily through my door, kicking off boots and hanging up coats all the while excitedly telling of their adventures getting to my house. What a delight it is to sit and drink a steaming cup of coffee or cocoa, eat a few cookies, tell stories and play cards until very late!

So my heart is full, my house is full, our tummies are full, we are warm and cozy, snug and most importantly loved. If these aren't the greatest treasures, I am unsure what is. My family and I truly have much to be very grateful for!

We wish you and yours a warm, happy, lovely Christmas filled with memories to make you smile the whole year through!

Live gratefully!


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