First Video from the Forever Green Tour!

We just made the above video. We're at my mom's house in California waiting for Cody to show up with the RV. It's supposed to be done getting wrapped today. The RV in the video was digitally created to show us what it would look like.

It's been interesting to observe how I feel as I get rid of everythig in my life that doesn't fit on an RV and get ready to tour the country on the Forever Green Lifestyle Tour. To see how much "stuff" I've accumulated and how inexpensive things like pictues and cards mean a lot to me wheras awards and rolex's are going into storage. I was gonna throw out the plaques ad awards but my mom said that would be rude. LOL. I'll wait until she's not around.

Simple things take more thoght. How many shoes does one take on a tour of Amerca for 15 months? There will be 3 of us living on the RV. Stamati and Cody have families and homes they'll be flying back to once in a while. They didn't have to be as strategic about what they're taking. I'm donating evrything that doesnt go with me on the tour.

I hope you enjoy the video. Its just a fun little thing we made to test all the equiptment. I need a little more practice behind the camera but I'm getting there.

Our first stops are California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Colorado. If you're in one of those areas leve me a comment and I'll invite you to the appreciation party I'm throwing at the camp ground in your town.

Although we plan to stay at camp grounds we have been gettng great offeres from people asking us to park our RV at their pace and we're going to be doing a lot of that so we can get video and introduce everyone on the Internt to the great people we will be meeting!

Ok, so what ya think? I'm chucking everythingand spending the next 15 months traveling America in an RV.

Hope to meet you when I'm in YOUR city!

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Comment by LOVE I AM CHRISTINA on June 9, 2008 at 8:02am
Hej Everyone inhere:)

He he Had to be an Member so I could make an comment well What an lovely "film" if you all wish it I can with help from y Mann get that he has with the birth of the kittens:)

With Love

PS: Good done I really like d the youtube movie I laught a little bit when I saw the liltle Poppy SO Cute and I smiled an Big smile when I saw your mom:)

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