I hope that people in our community here as part of the Powerful Intentions family are beginning to see that natural and organic is the way to go. Powerful Intentions and the Law of Attraction is all about energy, which is actually what all life is about. Organic and natural vibrate at much higher frequencies than processed foods; our goal is to keep our frequency as high as possible. To that end, if some of you are still eating food cooked or heated in a microwave, you may want to reconsider or at least do a little research on your own. You can take a very high vibrating piece of food, and zap it in the mic, and the food will have such a low vibration (all of which may now be measured), that if eaten it will lower your body's energy level and will affect the immune system in a very negative way. A study done in India, found that people who were starving, and were fed microwaved food did not receive nutritional benefit, it did little or nothing to help them out of a malnutritive state. Vital enzymes with in the food are destroyed, and proteins become mutated. Plastics breakdown and further toxify the food. Even water becomes dangerous, water molecules become affected and the structure becomes unstable; humans are composed of approx. 80% water, drinking microwaved water will weaken the body on a major scale.
The Russians and Eastern Europeans of have done more research regarding microwave ovens than anyone, and the use of microwaves in these countries has been banned.
It really doesn't save much time to heat and cook using conventional methods, and you will definitely raise your frequency by cutting the micro out of your life.

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Comment by Nicholas Capra on June 13, 2008 at 7:07pm
You raise an excellent point about the infant milk bottles; baby fomula for the most part is already a poison, but mix it with microwaves... it's a total disaster. And just to clarify to everyone, I am the last person to tell others what they should do or how to eat. This is something that I do and I believe. I must trust that everyone knows what is right for him or herself. What I will say though is arm yourself with knowledge. Knowledge is potential Power, what you do with that Power is up to you.
Comment by Stamati & Shelly Panos on June 13, 2008 at 3:13pm
I'm soo glad you posted this Nick! We have never had one in our home for this exact reason-the "convince" absolutely is not worth it. My boys (12 & 14) have wanted one for years but we dig our heels in whenever it comes up. Sure we have a few more pots & pans to scrub but our families health comes first! It doesn't matter what they say-popcorn does not taste better cooked in a microwave! I had the boys read this blog as reinforcement to our argument. I cringe when I see people heat infant milk bottles in them-UGH! THANK YOU soo much for posting this!!!! : )
Comment by Bouttime on June 13, 2008 at 8:25am

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