My Life ROCKS!!! Party July 4th! Can you come?

Could my life be any better?

Maybe, but I couldn't imagine how!

I have so many incredible things happening in my life right now.

First, I will be at the 4th of July Party at The Farm Sanctuary in California. Come party with me at The Farm Sanctuary!

As you know VegHaven is like MySpace only for Vegans and Vegetarians. The money from all ad revenue goes to help animals. (unlike myspace). We are just now breaking even on the ads but I have put in what was needed to get us our very own barn at The Farm Sanctuary. is now supporting an entire barn! That means we send money each month to support one of each of the animals they have. It's because of your participation here we can do this. Thanks!

I'll be posting way more information on the first of the month and videos of me meeting our animals on the 4th of July party at the sactuary. They're sending all the adoption papers now!

4th of July Party Details


I am now on the Forever Green Lifestyle Tour!

Lets talk about the Forver Greeen Tour first! I'm living on the RV with two incredible guys. We have a film crew following and the video below is of Cody McKinley picking up our newly wrapped RV in LA. We'll have a really col web site up soon.

Check out this video of Cody picking up our RV.

That video was made a few days ago. We're all together now in Mariposa, CA and we're making the video from our first event now.

We leave here Wednesday and will go from one side of Yosemite National Park to the other making videos along the way. I'll be making a video in Yosemite about why I'm Vegan.


Truckee, CA & Reno, Nevada are this weekend

July 4th at the Farm Sanctuary in Orland, CA < Party!

July - Portland and Seattle. We head from the Sanctuary to the week before to Portland.

August - Southern Calirfornia. (Hope to film at Animal Acres)

September - Truckee/Reno/Denver/Albaqurque

Leave me a comment and let me know if we can hang out when I'm in your town!

Forever Green Tour Info

P.S. Life is good! Please tell all your friends about us and it will be even better!

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