www.Veghaven.org has adopted a barn of animals at The Farm Sanctuary in Orland, CA.

We'll be posting video of us at the Farm on the 4th of July meeting the animals we adopted. It's YOUR participation here that's making this possible. I so appreciate you. (HUGZ)

Things didn't happen as fast as we thought in the beginning. But all things happen for a reason and now VegHaven.org is really making a difference and growing.

Ning.com featured us on their home page. The Farm Sanctuary will be emailing 55,000 members telling them of our adoption and we've talked about exchanging links. Think of our community could supporting 2, 3 or even 10 barns full of rescued animals. I am already appreciating it. 100% of all money from our site goes to help animals!

I am feeling pretty happy right now. I was at the farm and got to spend the day with children, families, and other coming out to spend a holiday appreciating life. I'm honored to play even the most significant role in helping The Farm Sanctuary continue to rescue animals, teach compassion and provide an example of being the change. I don't get around so many Vegans in one place and do get a little geeky so forgive me in the upcoming video. A special thanks to Leanne from the Farm Sanctuary for helping us make the video. She's amazing. (And she blushes when you point that out :)

So it looks like we will be able to adopt a new animal every 1,500 members. So far we have everything except a donkey! We'll be getting pictures and adoption papers for all our animals and will be posting them online. We'll have an online profile for each animal. Each animal will also have a blog and The Farm Sanctuary will be providing updates on our animals. We'll use that to create the content in the animals blog. How fun!

OK, so remember earlier when I said we don't have a donkey? Well, I want to sponsor a donkey. When we get to 2,500 members we'll be able to sponsor a donkey. Youll get to meet the donkey we adopt and see the results of your efforts!

So tell all your friends to create a profile at www.Veghaven.org even if they never come back. We only need 2,500 to sponsor our very own Donkey!

www.VegHaven.org - Like MySpace only with a heart.

Chris Tinney

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Comment by trish fines on January 9, 2009 at 9:01pm
right on Chris!!

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