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Forever Green teaches kindness health and opportunity. You'll find many Forever Green Leaders are passionate about making a difference in the world. Our community here is the "Bodhi Group" and in communities all around America people are volunteering and discovering the "Law of Giving and Recieving"

One of my community stands is support I'm thrilled to be part of wat they're doing! All money made at Veghaven goes to help animals! Think of Myspace only making a difference!

This past week we went out to the Farm Sanctuary and the Manager, Leanne Cronquist, introduced us to the animals the members of VegHaven are ALREADY supporting! VegHaven is making a difference. Each animal we support will have its own profile. The Farm Sanctuary will give us regular updates on how they're doing and we'll be using those updates to create profiles and blogs for the animals. How fun!

When I was at The Farm making the video I got to spend the day with children, families, and others coming out to spend a day appreciating life. I'm honored that our community can play a role in helping The Farm Sanctuary continue to rescue, educate and advocate for animals. They are truly an example of "being the change".

When VegHaven reaches 2,500 members we'll be adopting a Donkey!
So tell your friends abot VegHaven. Even if they just create a profile and never come back they're helping anials.
We only need a few more peole to reach 2,500 members and adopt our very own Donkey!

Just wanted to share with all my friends what's happening. I'm excited.

Chris Tinney

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