A Testimonial:)

"It is a real honor and blessing having Kristen as a friend in my life. She is a very gentle soul that is full of compassion, gentleness and humour. :) She operates from a place of unconditional love and integrity and has deep concern for the healing of all.

I was in a very funky space one day while on the phone with her. She offered a healing session and I happily accepted. It was a very pleasurable experience and I felt very honored and taken care of in the process. She uses visuals, like different colors of light and calls on many powerful masters, angels and God energy to heal. There were so many masters present and engaged that it really amped up the healing and made me feel quite safe and protected.

She is efficient and powerful as a healer. She sees right away what areas are in need of healing and enlists the proper spiritual aides to get it done speedily. The visuals she described made it a kind of vision quest that was very beautiful to experience. It felt otherworldly and at times was very joyful and reminded me of my highest or Truest Self. She addressed the areas I needed the help the most but did it in a way that was safe and minimized any pain I might experience in the healing process.

Afterward I looked in the mirror and my whole energy had changed dramatically. My eyes were much brighter, I had a huge smile of joy and saw the best me looking back.

I have worked w/ many energy healers and I would recommend Kristen as a very powerful healer that makes the journey pleasant and even fun. Afterwards, I felt very light and almost fairy like. :) She also is a strong channeler of the feminine essence and I felt that essence strenghtened in myself by my healing session with her.

Most importantly of all, she helps awaken you to your own inner healer and teaches you how to heal yourself. She helps to empower. Yea Kristen!

I believe it is her sole/soul purpose in this lifetime to be a healer. She is here to help bring about the shift in consciousness that is needed and elevate the energy of the earth. Bless you and your work dear Kristen!"

M., Portland, OR 8/22/2008

Thank you! I feel deeply honored and blessed to be of assistance:)

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