Clean Colon How?

How does one take care of there colon in a hands free natural way?

A polluted congested colon = polluted congested thoughts.

The idea is to eat foods that digest quickly and EASILY and at the same time provide maximum nutrition to the cells. The foods that travel through and don't harm us in the process.

High fibre, high carb foods fit the bill perfectly. Fruit being the best. Animal products are super low in carbs and have NO fibre so they essentially clog the bowels. They stop the process of elimination and detoxification. We then get 's___ty'....literally.

During this time the level of toxicity rises in our blood and starts to poison and cause dis-ease in our organs, especially the organs of detoxification. Is it worth it? No. Absofruitly not. For clarity of mind and body, clean out your colon with natures candy - F R U I T.

P E A C E...=)

Yogi Zen Dude

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