Green Organics

This has been an intention for Chris and I for more than two years now and I wanted to share. It's all coming together !

I've wanted a vegan, organic network marketing company that would support Om Peace Church and Spread Peace USA,( sound healing and feeding the homeless ), and provide leads and a web site without a charge to distributors. Chris consulted with two big companies. Although both donated food to his non profit, neither had a system or if they did, they charged for it; and neither would spend the extra pennies (ok, maybe quarters) needed to make their products organic, but to their defense we wanted an opportunity people could start with less that $50. And that $50 needed to be for EVERYTHING! The web site, the product, leads etc.
Green Organics is our GIANT UNI-WINK!
- Organic, Vegan, Raw and Hemp products
- Started by Internet Marketers (Pros) that place 100 leads a day in your back office)
- Donates a meal to a hungry child with every product purchased
- Less than 50 bucks to get started
- 3x5 Matri'x & Uni-level hybrid. (spill over baby)

In 10 years for me and 20 years for Chris Tinneymy Partner, We haven't seen something so easy and something we could get so behind, Chris as a vegan and me as a raw vegan.

So let me show what has just been created in the past couple of months.

The System (this rocks)

Feeding Hungry Children

If the above two sites don't light a fire under your butt, you're wood has got to be wet!
(not sure what that means, someone said it to me once and I thought it sounded exciting)

I'm like a kid in a candy store but I don't want to leave my friends here at Bodhian behind so I'm sending this note to see where you're at and if you're ready to create more of what you want............ with me.......

......... at Green Organics International.

I can't wait to hear from ya.


Greg Lunger


P.S. Green Organics also provides all sorts of banners. Like this one :)

P.S. Don't forget to my personal Green Organics International web site!

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