I'm writing this in Mariposa, California.
Chris and I have been traveling, with our 5 dogs, for the past 8 months.

We've had a blast since Chris and I were married in November of last year.

From Las Vegas, to San Diego, to San Luis Obispo, to Portland Oregon, to Reno Nevada and now back in California. What a trip.

When we got married we visioned what we wanted to create in life together and The Peace Church was born.
It's grown to almost 1,000 members, more than a dozen ministers and a Circle of Elders all working for Peace. The Peace Church has already helped and connected many people from all over the world and continues to grow on a daily basis with amazing souls all joining together to create a more Peaceful healthy planet.

There have been challenges along the way. Challenges that have helped us adapt, grow and change. I think that's to be expected, after all we're all creating something that's never been done before.

Peace Church Memers, Ministers and friends rose the occasion! The peace church is solid and now has the foundation so it can continue to help thousands of people connect in the name of Peace, growth and change.

I'm excited everyday to wake up and see new members who have joined and read uplifting blog posts. I enjoy waking up and reading a comment from someone wishing me happiness, it truly changes my day.

While at the Chism Rv Park in Reno Nevada many wonderful things happened to us.

One of the many things that happened to us while in Reno was the Reiki Peace Garden. Our friend and one of the Co-founders of the Peace Church blessed me, Chris and the the Peace Church Ministers with a Great Gift. Lana is a very special gift to this community. Lana is a Reiki Grandmaster and she attuned us to become Reiki Masters. This empowers us all to attune others as well as send distant Reiki energy. It is an Honor.

Lana ROCKS! Which leads me to the Peace garden. We wanted a way to be able to send Reiki to all of our friends and family on a daily basis. So I started collecting Sacred Rocks and painting them with names of people we knew would want to be in the Garden.

We sit out in our new Peace Garden every day and meditate; sending reiki and blessings to the garden. I posted pictures of the Peace garden and more and more people began asking to have a rock in the garden.

People began asking me to paint a rock for a friend in need.
Other Reiki practitioners and healers asked if they could send energy to the garden or even start their own.
I reated a reiki peace garden on face book and the peace garden group at the peace church.
In the first 2 weeks we had over 500 members join on FB. Chris and I would gather special rocks everyday for our friends and family and the garden just kept growing.
In fact the garden grew so fast we had to leave the RV park and find a bigger place for it.

Last week we carefully packed all the sacred rocks in sacred cloth and we have moved the garden to Mariposa ca. on a temporary basis. We had to say goodby to our friends at Chism RV park which was one of the hardest things for me. I miss waking up and seeing chief with his coffee asking "where are the dogs". I miss watching Boone and Bill argue everyday, and Halee helping me Paint. I miss them all. However the Peace Garden was being called to move.

So here we sit in California.
It's beautiful here.
Chris and I have been collecting Sacred rocks and tomorrow I'll be blessing and painting Rocks for our friends.
We'll be adding them to the others and setting the garden up here until we find a permanent spot.

Chris and I have been meditating for the past couple of days and asking for clarity on where we want to take the garden.

We're very clear now on where The Peace Garden will be.
The garden is made of rocks mostly, which represents Mother Earth.
It's important for the garden to be near water, an ocean, a stream, a lake, a spring, or a pond.

This is important because each rock will be cleansed often.
Water will help keep the energy clean for the garden and for the people who will be working in the garden.
Each day Chris and I will wake up walk down to the garden, clear our own energy in the water and then we can be clear enough to send reiki and peace.

This Peace garden will receive constant prayers and love.
It will be tended to daily.

The land it is on will be Sacred and I see many Master healers and Reiki Healers visiting the Garden and blessing it often

Although Chris and I have notbeen informed yet of clear on "where" the Peace Garden will be moved, we are very, very clear on the type of environment it will provide . Water, space, sacred land, acres, beauty.

We are both very passionate about the Reiki Peace Garden and we know that the Perfect place will show up in Divine Timing. We're ready to move it anytime, but will wait until we find the perfect spot.

Chris and I also share a Huge passion for animals. So we're looking for property where we could have a small animal rescue as well. We would like a place big enough to have the Reiki garden and an area separate for the animals. We think it would be fun to have retreats where people could come and stay for a while, work in the garden, or with the animals, or just meditate and be peaceful.

We don't know if the property will be donated, rented, leased or if we'll find one to buy.
We only know the perfect place is about to show up!

Namaste' and Peace,

P.S. I'd love to hear your thoughts!!!

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Comment by Dinny Evans on May 25, 2009 at 2:03pm
Hi Tysha:
You are a beautiful breath of fresh air! Thank you for creating my peace rock. We miss you and Chriss being in Reno and hope you can come and dance with us June 13th. Love and kisses. Dinny

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