Spiritual Marketing, Network Marketing

Network Marketing at it's Core is Spiritual Marketing

To me Network Marketing gives us the cleanest plan for spiritual marketing on the planet !

People 100% commented to the Success of Others !

From meditation, a deep knowing of truth inherited by all and known in silence, studying the life and teachings of the great Masters that have walked this earth...true success is in knowing God and loving all souls as our infinite brothers and sisters. From knowing this we automatically see that having wealth only for our self brings little satisfaction, and that a great J O Y is known from helping others reach a state of wealth for them self's as well. True wealth is reached through a life of balance, kindness and harmony. A life in tune with Spirit. A life of service. Spiritual Marketing.

Network Marketing gives us the most open channel for Spirit to work through (Spiritual Marketing). For us to become wealthy through helping others become wealthy.

I see that network marketing is a wonderful class for self awareness. Because more than anything it is you other people want to be with. The products, company and comp plan are inportant, but it is who you are that attracts people to you and why they stay with you for years.

Network Marketing is a life long class in discovering our true self, and helping others discover their true self too.

No other business on the planet is "designed" to grow by doing everything you can to help those you work with reach the top.

True J O Y is in service to others, and creating a world of peace, harmony and abundance.

To me, Network Mareting is inspired by Spiritual Marketing.

Spiritual Marketing, Network Marketing

Network Marketing gives us the freedom to truely, deeply and fully help those we are in business with, because it is designed for us to succeed through helping those in business with us all we can, even those in other downlines and other companies.

No other business is designed so that everyone can get to the top.

We are coming out of the dark ages of thinking to be spiritual is to be proud of being at peace being pour. just getting by. I know that from personal experience it is lack of self confidence that holds us back. It is good to experience peace at all times, but remember your Full potintail of Spirit, and never give up reaching the top, realizing your dream !

As infinite Spirit, You can do anything !  Dream B I G or only your little dreams will come true.

Network Marketing gives us the opportunity for good people to do some W O N D E R F U L things in this world for everyone...what would you do with $50,000 to $250,000 a month for mankind and this planet earth we live on ?

Network Marketing gives us the opportunity to L O V E on levels mankind will Revel in !

Network Marketing is Spiritual Marketing, providing us with infinite ways we can help each other and the planet !

As a network marketer the more I help you and those on your team, we all Win ! That is Spiritual Marketing!

Network Marketing is an A MA Z I N G Spiritual Path...O M M M...=)

baech, Spiritual Marketing, Network Marketing

P E A C E...=)

Greg Lunger ~ Yogi Zen Due

Have Too Much FUN



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