I want to talk to you about the "Creative Rainbow" and your part in the building of "Beauty", "Joy", "Color", "New Ideas" ~ in all ~ you have a part in "Creating What Is".  You are actually the "Creative Experiment" here on Mother Earth.....You are a "Galaxy" of "Resilience", "Lightforce", "Healing", "Sunshine", "Rain", "Wind" ~ all of the elements that Resonate back to you in "Nature"...for you, You are born into the "Natural World".

The Mind is sometimes seemingly so busy, that in conversation with another, or sometimes in our daily walk ~ we forget the "Smallest denominator".  We almost dismiss "Simplicity".

But my friends ~ in "Simplicity" and in the "Natural World"....we find all of the answers ~ and arrive to the "Destiny" point of long "Searchings".

"Let go, and Let Live" ~ just for a few minutes.  Start now!

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