The Off Grid Cabin & Solar Powur Freedom

How does a combat hardened Military helicopter Pilot, returning from a nine month deployment in the Gulf, celebrate retirement after twenty-two years of service?


By helping create the world’s largest global shift in Powur and finance the planet will have seen in decades and continuing to server the greater good.



A six-trillion dollar per year shift directly into the hands of people like You.

While it may seem like a statement pulled directly from a fiction novel I assure you it is happening today and it's available to you, for free.

What if I told you that right now, top global marketing leaders and network marketing professionals are silently gathering behind closed curtains and building teams of critical key members, organizations of mentors, builders, and recruiters and most importantly people exactly like You?

This is not a story of fiction, but of fact.

And its all being released right now… RIGHT HERE

At we are informing and education people on the launch of what many consider the most important company to be formed since Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft.

They are preparing a launch so EPIC that the word is out, the cover is blown and your invite is available.

The financial flood gates are opening and people are being given a opportunity to not only help change the future of Solar Energy, create incredible wealth and prosperity, but also to lock arms with this that are disrupting and decentralizing the dirty energy industry.

It’s a new Solar Marketing Network and it’s called… Powur.  



To get involved with Powur and our Powur Team simply head to 

By joining us you will immediately become a Powur Advocate and be brought into a private team of expert marketers and networkers. You will now not only have the ability to share the SolarCity Solar Panel System with people (and get paid) but also share the Powur Opportunity as well.

By upgrading to a Powur Partner you will unlock one of the worlds more lucrative and generous compensation models. Currently one of only two in the world that has the potential to pay out a staggering one million dollars plus per month!


Modeled by Nature - Supported by Technology - Powered by Light

For the past era, utilities have had a monopoly with fossil fuels.

Powur is decentralizing energy production and eliminating the requirement for a dirty, centralized, and controlled energy system to a clean system of distributed solar power and with it shifting the power and wealth normally reserved for only the fossil fuel industry back into your hands.


Are you ready to discover your Powur?

>> Join the revolution 

Seize the opportunity to create a lifestyle of abundance and leave a legacy that will last generations.


We want people like you and the world needs people like you.

Changing the world for the bestjust got a lot easier!

Steve Barnes
Find me on Facebook
Skype: navalweps
Phone: 1 (347) 395-4336

P.S. I look forward to welcoming you to the #PowurTeam soon RIGHT HERE  

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