Training for the Wheelchair Nationals

I sat down and watched The Secret and really took it to heart. As a result, I have had to really step back and decide what I really want. Yeah, I always knew I wanted to compete in bodybuilding. But after really looking into it and deciding what I want. I have decided to go full tilt into it. One of my current intentions is to win the 2010 National Wheelchair Bodybuilding Championships.

This will not only allow me to achieve my dream of competing but it will also carry some major opportunities. This would allow me to turn pro. As a result, I could have a wider sphere of influence to hopfully inspire others to participate in the sport. Also, I know there are people out there with physical disabilities whose lives would be incredibly changed with an opportunity to get out and exercise. Heck, I'm living proof of that!

Another benefit of winning the nationals would be to allow me to gain credibility as a personal trainer. I need to get certified in order to become a trainer, but I love to learn and be challenged. Once I am certified. I can then have a direct impact on peoples lives by improving their health and well being. That way I can give something back in appreciation for the experience I am undertaking.

Today is the first day of the journey to the nationals. I am going to keep a running tab of the status of my training here if anyone wants to follow the progress. I won't bore you with the gory details of every session, just the milestones and significant accomplishments.

So as a first entry:

11/19/2008 The start of the journey to the nationals. Hang on, it's gonna be fun!

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