Food Matters: The Official Movie Trailer

Does what you eat matter? This is a new movie coming out that is getting a lot of buzz. Learn what is REALLY in your food!

Juli Ralston sent me this video and I thouight it was a really good explanation of what is really happening to our health.

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Comment by LucyHero on July 29, 2008 at 3:22pm
Thank-you Guy and Juli for getting this life-saving information in the hands of Chris to broadcast for many to BENEFIT from the message contained within.
By the way I had a wonderful time working with you at the Oregon Food Bank on Saturday. Don't you agree the Energy of the ForeverGreen Team..(Chris, Jonathan, Rick, Chris Adams and Stamati ) just inspired everyone in the building. What an awesome experience.............looking forward to many more as we, "Stand" in our community as a dynamic group dedicated to Kindness Health and Opportunity! Blessings...Lucy

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